Discover How A Cheating Girlfriend Drove One 43-Year-Old Man To Discover The Secret To Turning Back His "Virility Clock" 20 Years With A Simple 30-Second Solution...

That Has His NEW Girlfriend Stocking up!
(And It Doesn't Come From The Pharmacy)

"Wow, I haven't heard her that loud in a long time!"

That was Dan’s weird first thought when he walked in and saw his girlfriend straddling some dude on the couch...wailing at the top of her lungs.

For a few seconds he stood there like a deer in the headlights...

And then reality hit him.

His heart fell to his stomach...

He felt his face getting flush…

Adrenaline flowed into every cell in his body...

He started yelling at both of them…

The guy jumped to his feet, grabbed his clothes, and made a beeline out the backdoor. His soon-to-be-ex covered herself and just stared at him…more annoyed than ashamed.

They’d been together for over a year and he never saw this coming.

Maybe he should have…

I’ve known Dan for 30 years.

He called me the next morning and told me this entire story.

His voice cracked with emotion…

“What the f***! She was having a great time!” 

He was heartbroken and humiliated...

I felt awful for him.

This was his first serious girlfriend since his divorce. He thought it was headed somewhere long-term…

But there she was…

Caught in the act... and loving it.

I asked him what would push her to do something like that. He said,

"Well, as I left her place, she said, 'I need it a lot more than you can give me. Once a month isn't enough for any woman.'"


At the time, it was every guy’s worst nightmare.

Today we can both look back and shrug it off.

Because as badly as I felt for him,  that night triggered one of the most ground-shaking breakthroughs I’ve experienced in my 20+ years as a Registered Dietician and men’s health expert.

I discovered an incredibly simple alternative that makes other solutions to “virility issues” look like worthless bandaids by comparison.

More importantly, it spares you from resorting to dangerous pills and injections from your doctor.

In fact, it works so well, you’ll ask the same question I did...

How has the research on men's health
overlooked this for so long?

Well, I’m about to answer that very question...

And here’s the best part...

It doesn’t matter how old you are...

It doesn’t matter if you struggle with energy and libido...

And it doesn’t matter if you battle erection issues...

This simple solution finally addresses the
3 undeniable pillars of consistent and satisfying sexual performance and long-term men's health.

And it convinced me that every guy over 40 has been coming at things all wrong...

But you can bet you won’t hear a word about it from your doctor...

(I explain why in a minute...)

So if you’re battling traditional “aging” issues like...

Then you’re most likely missing one or more of the 3 bedrocks of men’s health and sexual performance...

Coming up short on any one of these three areas means you’re heading down a nasty spiral...

And YES, she notices...

So stick with me for the next few minutes...

I’m going to reveal why women are scrambling to keep a steady supply of this “virility reset” on hand and how this 30-second daily ritual will change everything.

Hi! My name is Jayson Hunter.

I’ve been a Registered Dietician for over 20 years.

As a nationally known weight-loss expert and have appeared on ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. 

I specialize in men’s health issues... which is why my buddy Dan called me that morning.

Now, a cheating girlfriend isn’t exactly front-page news, but this one hit close to home.  

My buddy Dan thought it would be romantic to pop over to his girlfriend’s house unannounced.

He brought a bottle of wine to celebrate their upcoming one-year dating anniversary. 

He was eager to see her and even had a dozen roses in hand...

He walked in, turned the corner into the living room, and there they were...

Now he’s stuck with the visual of Mr. Thirty-Something Six Pack pleasing his girl and then jogging out the door...

Once we got talking, he admitted he hadn’t exactly been “lighting things up” with her between the sheets for some time now...

She had even dropped a few hints to him about it...

I knew that a couple of years ago he was a maniac about hitting the gym... now he didn’t even give it a second thought.

“I just don’t have the energy to lift at the end of the day anymore,” he confessed.

He remembered the first sign of trouble...

When they first started dating, his ex came up to him from behind, reached around, and grabbed his chest while he was changing...

“What are you about a B cup?” she said.

She meant it as a joke, but Dan was horrified...

He pulled away and quickly pulled his shirt on.

He told me, “I look like I’ve lost half my muscle.  My belly is starting to hang over my belt and I feel like crap.

He went on, “Last night was the final straw…Something has to change or I’m going to end up being some lonely, grouchy old dude.  I hate where this is going... What can I do about it?”

I understood where he was coming from...

I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life and in every age group.

And along with weight gain, a lagging sex drive is the number one concern for guys over age 40.[1]

I’m guessing you or someone you know has experienced the same symptoms Dan endured. Believe me, it’s FAR more common than you’d imagine.

In his case, his low libido pushed his girlfriend to look elsewhere...

Now, I know from experience that most guys sprint to the doctor as soon as they experience a “no show” erection.

But there are problems with that...

You see, the first thing your doctor is going to do is hand you a script for some testosterone cream, gel, or injection.

But remember this, once you start taking “fake T”, you have to take that stuff forever!  Along with all the health risks that come with it.[2]

Here’s a shortlist of the proven dangers of taking testosterone...

But it gets worse...

The instant your body detects testosterone coming in from the outside, it shuts down your natural production[3]

The result?

Big pharma gets a patient for life.

Dan wanted no part of that…

Dan’s “incident” as we started to call it, was the kick in the ass he needed. 

I resolved to help him.

Here’s why...

I’ve heard the same complaints from dozens and dozens of men...

Feeling like half the man they were...

Unable to keep up with the younger guys in nearly every category...

Looking forward to the couch instead of the gym...

Or making up bogus excuses when their significant other is looking for satisfaction...

I made it my mission to find some answers that worked.  And I’ll admit, I didn’t want to see myself headed down the same path!

It all started with some deep research.

What I found was disturbing...

Every solution out there focuses on raising testosterone levels but NOT because that's the best answer...

It's because testosterone is the only part of the
equation doctors can physically measure

That’s why physicians are so quick to write scripts for testosterone.

But the evidence shows that artificially increasing testosterone levels is NOT the solution.

The real answer is completely counterintuitive...

Let me prove it to you...

If elevating testosterone levels was the men's cure-all, then every guy in the world would simply take testosterone and he'd be walking around full of energy, completely ripped, and always "ready for action"...


But we know that’s not the case...

Testosterone is only one part of the answer!

This is a simplistic view of testosterone because we now know that all testosterone is NOT the same.

First, a quick primer on testosterone:

In the body, testosterone only exists in two forms.

“Bound Testosterone” and “Free Testosterone”.

The vast majority of your testosterone is unavailable for use because it’s “locked up” or bound to certain proteins.

This accounts for as much as 98% of the total testosterone in your body.

The remaining 2% of testosterone is not bound to anything.

Hence the name, “Free Testosterone”.

This is the good stuff.

Only Free Testosterone can enter the cells and provide the benefits you associate with testosterone.

Here’s where it gets tricky...

As you age, the Total Testosterone in your body goes down while the proteins that trap free testosterone go up. [4]

It’s a lousy double-whammy...

These proteins are like those sticky fly strips, only their target is your testosterone.

Once they latch onto your testosterone molecules, they don’t want to let go...

This means the testosterone you do have becomes less and less effective over time... unless you do something about it.

But it is possible, as you’ll see...

When you hit age 40, it’s as if nature says, “You’re over the hill.  You can go out to pasture now.”

This probably has a lot to do with the fact that in ancient times, living past age 40-50 was rare.[5]

So in a way, losing muscle, getting fat, and losing your virility is part of our evolution.

What a crappy deal...

No thanks!

Modern men want it all...

These days when we hit 40 we know we've got a long way to go. We want to feel good, look good, have tons of energy, AND have a great sex life.

We want to feel strong, vital and ALIVE!

The only workable solution is to boost your free testosterone by prying it free from the proteins that have it trapped or increasing your free testosterone naturally.

That’s about it.

Here’s something else that shoots down the “crank up the fake testo” theory...

Dan’s testosterone levels were completely normal.  As far as his doctor was concerned, there was no problem...

Oh really?

Tell that to his ex!

So how do we explain his sagging sex drive?

Clearly, there’s more to the issues than testosterone level...

To find a better answer, I needed to study the science of erections and the male sex drive...

The Cleveland Clinic describes how erections work like this:[3]

“An erection begins with sensory and mental stimulation.

During sexual arousal, nerve messages begin to stimulate the penis.

Impulses from the brain and local nerves cause the muscles of the corpora cavernosa to relax, allowing blood to flow in and fill the open spaces.

The blood creates pressure in the corpora cavernosa, making the penis expand and creating an erection.

The tunica albuginea (the membrane surrounding the corpora cavernosa), helps trap the blood in the corpora cavernosa, sustaining the erection.

Erection is reversed when muscles in the penis contract, stopping the inflow of blood and opening outflow channels.”


Not a simple process...

When you look at everything that has to happen first, we’re lucky we get an erection at all!

And this is just the physical process of achieving an erection...

This doesn’t get into the arousal (libido) step in any detail...

And it doesn’t get into blood flow problems either.

It took a while for me to see it but the answer was staring me in the face the entire time...

Every man’s sexual health relies not on one,
but three unique “pillars”:

If any of these 3 pillars are missing or compromised... well, it’s a non-starter.

My conclusion?

Doctors dish out testosterone scripts because that’s the only part of the equation they know how to treat.  They don’t have any answers for the other two pillars.

So, running to the doctor for supplemental testosterone is not the answer AND the side effects can be disastrous. 

It was pretty clear to me that taking testosterone alone doesn’t make sense...

Because testosterone doesn’t equal sex drive.

There are millions of men with normal “T” levels but low sex drives.

And a strong sex drive is not connected to blood flow, but good blood flow is vital to achieving erections.

And finally, good blood flow has zero connection to testosterone levels, but testosterone is essential to the entire process.

Each pillar depends upon the other one doing its job...

And when all three pillars are firing in unison, it’s like a symphony! 

Men re-experience:

The downward spiral stops!

Everything that goes into “being a man” depends upon all three pillars working together.

Now I was getting somewhere…

It occurred to me that most guys showing any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned could simply be missing that one piece of the puzzle...

They don’t realize just how close they are to turning things around!

My mission was clear: Determine the best way to optimize the three pillars at the same time…

First, we looked at the dozens and dozens of men’s health products on the market... and there are plenty!

Because if the answer was already out there, it would save us months of trial and error...

I will admit, some of these solutions weren’t all that bad.  Several contained ingredients with promising studies behind them.

Others were borderline fraudulent.

I tossed those into the trash...

In the end, none of the solutions on the market addressed “the 3 pillars” we knew were at the core of the problem.

Finally, after conducting our own testing and wading through
stacks of research, we came to a conclusion...

We would have to design something from scratch.

Our novel approach would need a novel answer.

I dove back into the research...

Anything I considered as part of my solution had to be backed by irrefutable science or it was immediately dismissed...

This is when I partnered with a local lab for product preparation.

Working side-by-side with their technicians, I ordered raw ingredients...

Provided recommended dosages...

And tested various combinations...

I felt like a mad scientist!

Slowly I narrowed things down.

Tossing out the crap and doubling down on the stuff that passed scientific muster.

Using a small circle of trusted friends as guinea pigs, we kept at it...

There were days when frustration crept in...

We would get feedback from the guys saying “eh... nothing.”

But I knew we were on the right track and this issue was too big to give up on.

Then it happened...

I delivered my latest formulation to the guys and was waiting for feedback...

That Sunday morning, I got a phone call...

And then another one...

And another...

I was hearing things like:


“We have ignition!”

“Hell ya!”

The girlfriend of one of our “test subjects” asked him what the hell got into him...

Dan was back in the saddle again and happy as hell...

(I’ll spare you some of the other comments.  They’re a bit course for this page.)

This was the breakthrough I was looking for...

Finally, after months of research, lots of setbacks, and countless tests, we struck gold...

After all that work, guess how many substances addressed at least one of the three pillars AND were backed by scientific studies? 

Exactly six.

That’s it.


This is how T20 was born!

I didn’t have a name yet, but we settled on T20.


The guys were telling us they felt 20 years younger... and not just in the bedroom.

They had better attitudes...

Slept better...

Started losing belly fat...

and looked better naked.


T20 is the equivalent of tossing
gasoline on smoldering embers…

The fire is still there and all it takes is the right trigger.

I’m going to reveal these game-changing ingredients for you right now. 

I'll also tell you which “pillar” they address.

Although some of them are so powerful, they pull double-duty across more than one pillar...

Pillar #1: Boosting Your Testosterone

Ingredient #1: Tongkat Ali

I HAVE to introduce you to the “testo-superstar” first...

But I have a confession to make... when I started my research, I had never heard of it.

It’s an obscure flowering plant found in Malaysia and Indochina.

But I discovered that this plant has been used for centuries as a testosterone booster. It goes by several names around the world, including Eurycoma longifolia and Long Jack.

In one article, Long Jack was responsible for a 37% increase in testosterone levels as compared with those in the study who took a placebo.[7]

A jump like that without taking testosterone injections is unheard of!

What I liked about it was HOW it increased testosterone levels. 

It did it by freeing up much of the “trapped testosterone” I mentioned earlier. This means you never again have to rely on taking prescriptions.[8]

One study concluded that the longer users took Long Jack, the more pronounced the effect.[9]

You can finally release your natural testosterone stores, safely and easily.

NOTE:  One thing... if you’re studying Long Jack and see anything less than a “100:1 ratio” you can toss it in the trash!

This simply means that 100 grams of the plant produce 1 gram of Long Jack extract.

If it’s not 100:1, that company took the cheap way out!

Don’t fall for it.

Ingredient #2: Tribulus Terrestris

The ingredient has been around for a long time.

It’s a mainstay in the bodybuilding community because of its known effect of boosting testosterone. Something bodybuilders crave!

But I didn’t rely on hearsay from bodybuilders... I wanted science. And I found plenty of it!

Tribulus has been proven to increase testosterone levels and sexual function. I was impressed by the fact that this effect was shown in both studies with rats and with humans.[10]

There’s no doubt that Tribulus is one of the most extensively studied testosterone boosters in the world.[11]

The highest-quality version of Trubulus flourishes around the moderate climate of the Mediterranean. This is the only source we’ll use.

These two ingredients make a powerful 1-2 punch for boosting testosterone naturally.

We conquered Pillar No. 1.

Pillar #2: Cranking Up A Failing Libido

Ingredient #3: Rhodiola Rosea

Libido is a tough thing to figure out.

If your libido is high, it usually means you’re feeling pretty good—both mentally and physically. 


Here’s what I mean...

If you’re stressed... libido plummets.

If you’re fatigued... libido crashes.

If you’re sick... sexual activity is NOT the first thing on your mind.

If you’re depressed... no chance.

Well, Rhodiola is one of those herbs that minimizes the bad stuff going on in your body and maximizes the positive.

Scientists call substances like this “adaptogens”.

This powerful adaptogen has been used for centuries.  In fact, ancient emperors sent secret hunting parties out to the coldest corners of the world to retrieve it.

You’ll only find Rhodiola in very cold climates like the Alps, the Arctic and Siberia.

Rhodiola is proven to:

Roll all this into one plant and you get a powerful libido trigger!

There was no way I could leave Rhodiola out of the libido equation.

Ingredient #4 - Cordyceps Sinensis


Yes, it’s a fungus... but a very unique one.

Cordyceps is naturally distributed in the Tibetan Plateau as well as the Himalayas.

This stuff is so powerful and its benefits so well-documented that local leaders in the Himalayas where the fungus grows devised their own system of sustainable growth to protect the crop from outside speculators!

Everyone wants to get their hands on it.

One summary published in the Journal of Functional Foods detailed a study involving 189 men and women suffering from decreased libido and desire. 

After treatment with Cordyceps Senensis the subjects showed improvement of symptoms and desire of 66% (Wan, Guo, & Deng, 1988).[14]

Imagine your libido jumping by two-thirds!?

There are also numerous studies proving Cordyceps reduces fatigue and boosts stamina for athletes.

It’s considered “one of the miracles of traditional Chinese medicine”.

Not surprisingly, it’s also been called “Himalayan Viagra”.[15]

I can’t think of a better fit for our solution!


Ok, so far we’ve boosted testosterone levels (Pillar 1) and lit a fire under your libido (Pillar 2).

It’s time for the third pillar...

Pillar #3: Improved Blood Flow

I mentioned that each pillar relies on the other pillars doing their job.

None of that is truer than right here...

You could have testosterone oozing from your pores, but if you have trouble with blood flow, an erection is impossible!

So how the heck do you improve blood flow?

Well, believe it or not, we’re back to our bodybuilders...

Bodybuilders LOVE the pump they get in their muscles when they train.

They learned a long time ago that there’s one chemical “in charge” of blood flow.

And then they figured out how to control it.

Nitric oxide (NO) is the big cheese of blood flow.

It opens up blood vessels which allows blood to flow where you need it most and when you need it most...

This is the same mechanism used by the famous blue pill we’re all familiar with!

But this substance is completely natural. It doesn’t leave you with headaches or dangerous blood pressure fluctuations like ED pills.

Remember my earlier explanation from the Cleveland Clinic about how erections work? 

Well, working backward, the chemicals that trigger that process work like this:

NO allows blood to flow into the penis 

L-arginine is an amino acid that helps create your supply of NO 

L-arginine has an enemy called arginase that limits your production of NO 

Our next ingredient comes to the rescue by limiting the effect of arginase.

Ingredient #5: L-Norvaline

They call L-Norvaline a non-essential amino acid...

But it’s only “non-essential” if you don’t care about getting consistent erections!

This ingredient both disrupts arginase and promotes the production of Arginine.

The result is an increase in Nitric Acid in your body.

This helps ensure your “bedroom activities” are satisfying. 

Ingredient #6: Avena Sativa

If we’re talking about blood flow, you know we had to talk about optimizing your circulation...

Avena Sativa is a proven natural “vasodilator”.  This is a fancy way of saying that it relaxes the blood vessels to allow for better blood flow.[16]

Avena Sativa has the added benefit of being a mild, natural sedative. Stress is a major erection killer. But now you can sit back and enjoy yourself even more.

Combining L-Norvaline and Avena Sativa gives your blood flow the support it needs to be there when you need it.


I have to point out...

Some of these ingredients pull “double duty” and assist one of the other pillars.  For example, Tongkat Ali not only boosts testosterone levels but also supports libido.

As does Avena Sativa.

We’ve covered every angle.

There you have it!

The “Big 6” ingredients of men’s sexual and physical health.

All backed by science.

It may not seem fair, but nature is throwing you a curveball...

Nature is trying to strip you of everything that makes you a man...

Until now, the medical community and “big pharma” have tried to convince you that taking testosterone gels and injections are the only way to fight back.

But they skim over the part about the dangers of “fake T”.  Once you’re on it, you’re hooked! 

You can’t stop.

If you do, you’ll have ZERO testosterone in your body because your natural production has shut down.

So you have to ask...

Why would anyone dump a dangerous,
addictive chemical
into their body when
a natural solution is at their fingertips?

There’s no logic there...

But I get it.

Some guys are so desperate for a fix they’ll try anything... no matter how dangerous.

If you decide to seek out an answer on your own, you’ll discover that the market is loaded with “virility bandaids”.

Until now, none addressed all the underlying issues you deal with every day...

Stop writing it off as “just getting old”.

We’ve built a solution for you from the ground up.

There was nothing on the market that covered all the bases...

So we had to do it ourselves.

As I said, we named this product T20 for a reason...

Do you remember what you felt like 20 years ago?

You didn’t worry about any of these issues... and keeping your significant other satisfied was never a concern.

But these days, it is.

Nothing matches that feeling of sexual confidence...

Having the energy and drive to keep going, whether you’re talking about sex, building muscle mass, or that youthful strength and power.


Now given everything you’ve discovered today...

I’m sure you’re wondering how you can get
your hands on T20 as fast as possible. 

And you’ll want to know how often you should use it for best results.

Here’s the easy answer to the second question...

Just one convenient pill 2X per day is all you need to get the results you’re looking for...

Two pills.

This will take you about 30 seconds total each day.

How easy is that if you’re seeking that boundless energy that you thought was long gone...

A sudden reverse to vanishing muscle mass...

A restart of your fat-burning metabolism...

And of course, reliable rock-hard erections that will have her head spinning.

Just stay consistent and take T20 every day...


Because according to the studies, the longer you use T20, the better the results will be.[17]

Being inconsistent is the No. 1 enemy of great results.


Let’s talk about getting your hands on this product...

This is a bit tougher.

As you read in the ingredients list above, they aren’t exactly common...

What the heck!

This presents a problem...

As you can imagine in these times, guaranteeing a consistent flow of inventory is no easy task. Several of these ingredients are quite rare.

We can’t grow this stuff out behind our building...

This means we’re constantly battling closed borders, tariffs, or weather-related crop failures...

The result is that “Out of Stocks” are very real events--something that’s happened to us twice in the past. 

When we’re forced to shut down production, it can take months to replenish our supply chain.

The existing demand for T20 is another concern. At times, keeping enough on hand is a problem…

Could we use cheaper ingredients to solve the issue?

Sure, I guess...

But you wouldn't see the results you expect and we would lose customers.

We prefer to maintain our standards... even though it can mean delays and increased cost of production.

Fortunately, if you’re seeing this page, it means we
have at least some bottles left in-house.

With that said, I’m going to show you how you can get your hands on T20 today, at least for a limited time...

We maintain tight control of T20 distribution.  This means you won’t find it on Amazon or any other retail site.  It’s only available through our website.  

This saves us from dealing with unscrupulous resellers who are just in it to make a buck.  We’re here to build a relationship with you and help you get results.

Helping guys like my buddy Dan feel better, look better, have more energy, and enjoy a robust sex life has been our mission since day one.

It means something to us...

Since you were fortunate enough to land on this page,  here’s what we’re going to do...

Our original retail price was set at $74.95. Now given the cost, inconvenience, and dangers of testosterone prescriptions, this is more than fair.

Especially when you realize that prescription testosterone doesn’t deal with the things money can’t buy like improved libido, smooth blood flow, or quality of life issues we’ve explained.

But while the price is normally $74.95, I’m going to do something for a limited time only. That’s because this isn’t about money for me.

It’s about a higher calling...

Which is why right now you can order T20 for not $74.95 but instead $47.95 which is a big savings of about $27 per bottle!

And that’s just the start.

You see, a lot of guys stock up on this product not only for themselves, but for their buddies too.

We also know a lot of orders come from wives and girlfriends for obvious reasons.

And here’s the thing... these women NEVER order only one bottle. They’re stocking up too!

It makes sense...

There’s no way she’s going to miss out on all the “benefits” of T20 because her man ran out of the product.

When you stock up today, you can save even more.

This is important because as I’ve mentioned out of stocks happen all the time. You don’t want to start using T20 and then find out that you can’t get more.

To help out, we’ve put multi-bottle pricing together.

If you order 3 bottles of T20, you’ll pay only $44.98 per bottle... a savings of another $89.90.

And if you go all in—like so many of our buyers—you save even more.

When you order 5 bottles we will throw in 1 FREE additional bottle, saving you a whopping $264.95!

Oh, and we’ll even cover the shipping!

That’s how much we want to get this alternative into your hands.

Please go ahead and click on the option that works best for you.


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Once you pick a package you’ll see our secure checkout page. Of course, your information is safe with us. Our page features 128-bit encryption so your data is safe from end to end!

Once you complete your order, we’ll handle the rest.

But before you select your preferred package, I have a reminder...

Take T20 every single day. Even if you start seeing results, keep taking it.

The studies I cited above lasted for months. And while short-term results can happen fast, results only get better over time. This is why so many health experts recommend you use T20 for at least 3 to 6 months for even better results.

Remember, you’re taking a pill every day (not just on weekends or before sexual activity). You may wish to factor this in when picking the number of bottles you order.

Go ahead and click on your ideal option below to get started.

One final thing...

When it comes to a men’s health product... especially one dealing with sexual performance, you may have tried many solutions.

Maybe you got some help, but more than likely, these products did nothing.

You’re smart to be skeptical...

I get it.

It’s completely understandable.

So if you’re still on the fence, let me put your fears to rest...

Your investment today also comes with a 60-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee.

It works like this...

Even though most people love the product and you’ll probably love it too, if you don’t for any reason, just call or email our award-winning customer service team.

You’ll get a full refund with zero questions asked.

We won’t make you jump through any hoops. We want you to be completely happy with your decision... no matter what.

So you’ve got nothing to risk and everything to gain.

All the risk is on us... as it should be.

Imagine the impact T20
will have on your life.

A life where the “3 pillars” are completely under your control and everything is amazing.

It could be yours, but you need to take action by clicking the “Yes, I Want It” button right now, while there’s still time. We’re reaching the end of the page.

If you like everything you’ve heard and you’re ready to take action, please click on the best option below to complete your order.

Right now you’re at a crossroads.

You can choose not to take action and life will continue on the way it’s been.

The doubt.

The letdowns.

Embarrassing explanations.

But if you do that, what’s going to change?

If you’re here now, if you’ve made it this far in this letter, it’s because you know something has got to give. You’re suffering and you’re tired of suffering. 

I don’t want you to think back to this moment months into the future, and regret not taking action.

Especially because this offer won’t be available then. God forbid, I don’t want you to experience what Dan did that night.

It could have been avoided if you’d simply taken action today.

So that brings us to the second option. The option where you buy T20 risk-free, experience its benefits, and change your life.

A life brimming with confidence.

A life of renewed energy.

Chiseling out the body you deserve.

Pleasing your partner like you’re a couple of kids 20 years younger.

So go ahead and place your risk-free order today!

I appreciate your time and want to thank you for reading.

Good luck!

Jayson Hunter


$1.59 per serving




Instant Savings:
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